Crassula ovata (Jade Plant) in 10cm Pot

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The jade plant, Crassula ovata is a succulent sub-shrub native to southern Africa. It looks rather like a bonsai tree, with jade green, fleshy leaves and thick stems that become woody with age. It’s a popular houseplant that’s also known as the money plant or friendship plant, as it’s said to bring good fortune and prosperity. It’s often given as a marriage or housewarming gift.

The jade plant is the ideal houseplant for beginners as it needs very little care. It will thrive if it is watered regularly in spring and summer, but it can cope with drought, as it stores water in its leaves. Given the right care, jade plants can last for years. They’re slow growers but can eventually reach 2m in height.

Grow your jade plant in a bright, sunny spot. It is best to underwater than overwater – it can store water in its leaves. Water only when the top few centimetres of compost are dry. Feed a few times a year and repot every few years, in spring.

Supplied in a 10cm pot

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