Coffea arabica (Coffee Plant) in 8.5cm Coffee Mug Pot

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Coffea arabica, the coffee plant, is an attractive shrub with glossy green leaves and clusters of scented white flowers in early summer. In its native habitat a coffee plant can grow up to 8m tall, but it can be grown here as a house plant.

As a house plant, a coffee plant makes an impact all year round with evergreen leaves that are slightly ruffled at the edges. Once mature, after about four years, you may also get highly fragrant white flowers, followed by green fruits that ripen and turn red, then almost black. The two seeds inside each fruit are the coffee beans.

It’s not going to be a big harvest but a coffee plant grown in the right conditions might produce enough for an espresso. The beans will need to be roasted before being ground. It’s the roasting of the beans that produces the coffee aroma. Although it would take a number of mature bushes to produce a sizeable harvest, attempting to grow your own coffee is a fun project.

Supplied in an 8.5cm coffee cup

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