Carex brunnea ‘Magic Green’ 2 Litre Square Pot

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This is an easy to grow family of evergreen Grasses, they are particularly useful as evergreen ground cover and will take full sun or partial shade. While they grow in any good well drained and fertile soil, many will also thrive in poorly drained and less hospitable situations and as they need hardly any maintenance they can be a great choice for low maintenance gardening.

Carex look great mixed with other grasses of different forms and colours and they are perfect to mix in with the hot colours of a herbaceous border or to soften the edge of a paved area where their floaty foliage can be allowed to spill over.  Carex are great for containers, whether you grow them on their own or mix them with other flowering or foliage plants, you are assured of an easy to grow container that will look good all year round.

Supplied in a 2L square pot

Price is per plant

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