Cambria Orchid ‘Inca’ Mix 12cm Pot, 2 Stem

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Cambria orchids are hybrids grown to be more resilient than some of the other species so easier to look after.

Cambria orchid care:

  • Prefers moderate temperatures, between 18-20°C. In winter a minimum temperature of 13°C.
  • This plant loves light most of the time, so a windowsill is a good site, but provide shade against direct sunlight in the summer. Cambria Orchids should be kept in a room that is lit for several hours after dark in the winter.
  • The compost can be allowed to dry out slightly in between waterings. Maintain a slightly elevated humidity level in the room by keeping a container of water, wet stones or even a humidifier close to the plant.
  • For optimum blooms, add an orchid specific fertiliser as per manufacturer’s instructions.

Supplied in a 12cm pot

2 Stem

Height  65-70 cm

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