Calocephalus brownii (Silver Bush) 10.5cm Pot

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Silver Bush (Calocephalus) is a small round shrub with eye-catching, hairy twigs that have a pretty silvery appearance. From a distance it looks just like barbed wire, but beautiful and without the painful barbs! The plant flowers yellow in August and September but the main attraction is undoubtedly its silver-grey foliage, which combines beautifully with blue and white autumn violas, checkerberry, pink Cyclamen, prickly heath and Skimmia. Silver Bush also works very well in autumn hanging baskets.


  • Silver Bush likes a spot in full sun or partial shade and can even tolerate shade for half the day.
  • Feels most at home in fairly dry, somewhat acidic and well-draining soil. The best time for planting is in late summer and autumn.
  • The plant is fairly hardy. In moderate frost it’s best to cover it or place it in a cool, light spot like a greenhouse or in the shed.
  • Preferably prune in early spring, then the plant will sprout beautiful grey twigs.
  • Give some extra food once every two months, especially if Silver Bush is in pots or containers.

Supplied in a 10.5cm pot

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