Bougainvillea Mix in 21cm Pot With Trellis

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Bougainvillea is a showy and spectacularly colourful evergreen plant for the home, conservatory, or greenhouse. The showy ‘flowers’ come in a huge colour range including purple, mauve, pink, apricot, red, yellow, and white. They’re actually large paper-thin bracts which surround a central cluster of true flowers, which are tiny and white in colour.

Frost-free growing conditions are essential for bougainvillea, so here in Ireland it can only be grown outdoors in summer. Bougainvilleas can produce repeated flushes of bloom for many months if conditions are right.

Grow bougainvillea in a frost-free place such as a sunny room, in a conservatory or a greenhouse that is heated in winter, so temperatures never fall below freezing. Bougainvillea plants can tolerate temperatures as low as 2 °C, but the ideal temperature during winter is 7-10°C. At temperatures below 10°C but above freezing, bougainvilleas may drop some or all of their leaves, but will regrow when the temperature rises again.

Regular pruning and seasonally adjusting watering and feeding are key to success with bougainvilleas. Tie them into their support regularly to keep their growth in check.

Bougainvillea needs full sun and can be grown by a window, in a conservatory, or a heated greenhouse. Those in pots that can be moved will benefit from spending the summer outdoors in the garden where they should be given a sunny and sheltered spot.

Supplied in a 21cm pot w/ trellis

Height 75 cm

Price is per plant

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