Blattwerk Pure Fertiliser 1L

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Blattwerk Pure is an organic and vegan NPK fertiliser made from 100 percent renewable and genetically unmodified raw materials. This fertilizer is a plant-based nutrient complex with valuable amino acids, carboxylic acids (especially lactic acid), minerals, sugars and trace elements.

The organic liquid fertiliser for indoor plants and garden plants can be used on flowers, lawns, fruit, vegetables and herbs.

Blattwerk Pure protects the fruit and improves photosynthesis in your plants. The sugar and lactic acid components improve the oxygen supply and ensure strong roots that can optimally absorb nutrients from the soil and anchor the plant.


  • Better plant growth thanks to free-form amino acids
  • A particularly advantageous spectrum of amino acids with effective proportions of minerals, carboxylic acids, complex sugars and trace elements
  • Important trace elements protect against symptoms of vitamin deficiency
  • Optimal use of existing nutrients by improving the availability of nitrogen
  • Natural stimulation of the soil
  • Climate and energy-neutral production
  • 100% free of genetically modified material, additives and chemicals
  • Made in the EU
  • Universally applicable
  • Approved for use in organic farming (Fibl BM list)


As soon as the fertilizer is mixed with water, the oxidation process begins, which in turn can lead to algae forming in the watering can or in the container where the rest of the mixture is stored. Although this is not harmful to the plant, it can cause blockages in the watering can, or unsightly discolouration.
For this reason, the product should be used as soon as possible after mixing with water.

1 Litre bottle

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