Begonia maculata ‘Wings’ Mix in 12cm Pot

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The polka dot begonia or spotted begonia, Begonia maculata, is an attractive and very covetable house plant. Its heart-shaped leaves have silver spots and dark red undersides, which are said to have inspired fashion designer Christian Louboutin to create his trademark red-soled stilettos.

Native to Brazilian rainforests, Begonia maculata has a reputation of being a little tricky to grow. The secret is to mimic those rainforest conditions as closely as you can – providing warmth, humidity and bright but indirect light (no direct sun). If your spotted begonia is happy it may reward you with hanging clusters of small white or pink flowers in summer.

Begonia maculata is a ‘cane’ begonia, which means that is has upright stems that have different segments, like a bamboo cane. These are also known as ‘angel wing’ begonias thanks to their beautiful leaves.

Supplied in a 14cm pot

Height 30cm

Price is per plant

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