Begonia luxurians (Palm Leaf Begonia)

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Native to the rainforests of Brazil, palm leaf begonia, Begonia luxurians, looks like a palm tree. It bears large, palmate leaves, with coppery undersides, on red-purple, cane-like stems. Inconspicuous clusters of pale yellow to white, fragrant flowers are borne from spring into summer. It’s perfect for growing as part of an exotic planting scheme – if given the right growing conditions it can reach 3m in height.

Grow Begonia luxurians under glass in a loam-based compost out of direct sunlight, ideally on a watered gravel tray to maintain high humidity levels. It can be moved to a sheltered, partially shaded spot outside in summer. Protect from frost or take stem cuttings in autumn to insure against winter losses.

Supplied in a 16cm terracotta pot

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