Astilbe ‘Fanal’

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Astilbe Fanal, also known as False Goat Beard is a beautiful bushy deciduous perennial forming a compact bush of foliage with dark green, slightly red, deeply divided leaves. In May and June the Astilbe Fanal produces these beautiful coloured spikes of upright, fluffy deep red-crimson flowers, making this plant lovely and bright, colourful and interesting.

The Astilbe Fanal garden plant looks stunning wherever it is planted, recommended planting locations include moist borders or flower beds, boggy gardens or next to a lake or river.

Plant the Astilbe Fanal in a sunny location thriving in moist, boggy soil adding colour to the garden. Whilst establishing be sure to keep the perennial well watered. Generally, the plant is disease and pest-free, making a perfect garden plant for both new and experienced gardeners. Simply cut back and prune the plant after flowering, we would recommend dividing the perennial every 3 to 4 years to maintain its vigour.

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