Aphelandra squarrosa ‘Curly White’ (Zebra Plant) 13cm Pot

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Aphelandra squarrosa Curly White is a beautiful variety of the zebra plant, members of a large Brazilian family and in their rain forest habitats, grow into large upright shrubs that bloom profusely in the moist, tropical heat. This plant is a real eye-catcher and would make a statement within your collection.


  • Keep soil moist, not wet. One of the common problems in Aphelandra is drooping or falling leaves – usually from too much water.
  • They enjoy bright but indirect sunlight, direct sun can scorch the leaves.
  • Zebra plants prefer warm climates and will do well in average household temperatures around 20°C. They thrive in 40-80 percent humidity.

Supplied in 13cm pot

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