Anthurium ‘Karma Joli Duo Pink’ 12cm Pot

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The beauty makes for a perfect houseplant to beautify any space in the house or office. Known as the Flamingo plant, the waxy heart-shaped leaves and the colour combination of pink and peach brighten up the surrounding!

Anthuriums are native to tropical rainforests, so this gives plenty of clues about their care – they thrive in a warm, bright room with plenty of humidity, such as a bathroom or conservatory. Mist your plant regularly, or place on a tray of moist pebbles. Water whenever the top few centimetres of compost feel dry. Repot only when the roots have filled the pot, in spring.

Grow your anthurium in a spot that gets plenty of bright, indirect light but no direct sunshine. Anthuriums do best in a warm room that’s around 15-20°C, away from draughts and radiators. High humidity is best, so a bathroom or conservatory is ideal for them. Grouping plants together can help to raise humidity.

Supplied in a 12cm pot

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