Ananas comosus ‘Rosita’ (Ornamental Pineapple) 12cm Pot

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Even in the dark winter months, these pink pineapples will lift your spirits with a tropical, hip-swinging samba vibe! Although the pink fruits aren’t edible, ‘Rosita’ makes a fun, fruity plant for a sunny windowsill. This exotic bromeliad features a rosette of glossy, lance shaped leaves and a sturdy stalk crowned with a cheerful pink pineapple. Height and Spread: 30cm

Grow in bright light near a south-facing window– some direct light is tolerated but be mindful of leaf scorch. Pineapple plants require a warm and sunny position, well away from cold draughts, with a minimum temperature of 15 C. If repotting becomes necessary, use a well-drained, neutral or slightly acid orchid compost.

Water regularly between spring and autumn when the first couple of centimetres of compost have dried out, feeding every 2 weeks during the growing season with a balanced houseplant feed. Reduce watering in the winter, keeping the compost barely moist, and avoid draughts.

Supplied in a 12cm pot

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