Alocasia ‘Low Rider’ 19cm Pot

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As the name suggests, the Alocasia ‘Low Rider’ is a dwarf variant of Alocasia. It’s the perfect plant for those with limited space, as it will only grow to a maximum of 2 feet tall and wide.

  • Light: A bright room, but indirect sunlight. Brighter light will earn you larger leaves.
  • Water: Alocasias hate wet feet, but they hate to dry out, too — you’ll see the stalks droop if it gets too thirsty. Give it a relatively small amount of water every few days, perhaps a cup, as soon as the top inch of compost feels dry, and then let drain.
  • Humidity: Likes a moist environment – a bathroom is ideal, otherwise misting often will be just as good.
  • Temperature: This plant hates a draft, and needs to be kept warm at all times.

Supplied in a 19cm pot

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