Alocasia cuprea ‘Red Secret’ 14cm Pot

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Stunning round, shield shaped leaves with a metallic sheen makes ‘Red Secret’ an interesting plant to add to your collection. The blending red and green colouring makes the leaves look almost iridescent, and the deep ridging of the vein markings create a luxurious look.

  • Light: This exotic Alocasia needs plenty of bright light but direct sunlight will damage the leaves.
  • Water: As with most Alocasias, this plant doesn’t like to be completely dry. Keep the soil moist with warm water but not waterlogged during growing season. Reduce the watering in winter.
  • Humidity: This plant doesn’t like cold rooms, keep it warm. It also needs a moist environment with above average humidity, imitating its natural tropical climate. A way of keeping the humidity high is to group several plants together or by sitting them on a tray of pebbles and water. Misting it frequently with filtered, room temperature water will also help.
  • Make sure to clean all leaves with a dry cloth – dust can affect its absorption of light. You can feed your plant once a month during growing season with a slow release fertiliser. Alocasias can have a dormant period where leaves will die, so don’t be alarmed. During this time, make sure to reduce the watering, keeping the soil slightly moist.

Supplied in a 14cm pot

Height 35cm

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