Abies koreana (Korean Fir) Pot Grown Tree 3ft

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The Korean Fir is so named for its origins in the high mountains in South Korea, growing at altitudes up to 2000m in extreme weather conditions. Related to Nordmann fir, these slow-growing trees have a full, but compact, conical shape that is commonly slimmer than Nordmanns. Korean Fir have wide, rounded mid-green needles with silvery-blue undersides, that are generally softer than other Christmas tree varieties with good needle retention. The high needle density and bright colour of this variety, make a truly eye-catching Christmas tree that is perfect for decorating.

Pot grown Christmas trees are one of the most sustainable Christmas decorations you can opt for as they’ll be around for you to enjoy throughout the year.
If possible, keep them somewhere cool until they’re ready to be decorated and try to avoid housing them next to any heat sources like fires or radiators. Keep the soil moist but not over watered and you’ll be rewarded with a healthy Christmas tree complete with an authentic Christmas scent. Once the festive season is over, your tree can live quite happily outdoors all year round. If you leave them in their pots, they can even be brought indoors again next year.

Height 3ft

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