Carnivorous Plants

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  • Carnivorous plant mix
    Carnivorous Plants

    Carnivorous Plant Mix in 6cm Pot

    4.50 “Price excl. VAT: 3.96 Add to cart
  • Carnivorous Plant Soil 4L Bag
    Carnivorous Plants

    Carnivorous Plant Soil 4L

    8.99 “Price excl. VAT: 7.31 Add to cart
  • Dionaea muscipula
    Carnivorous Plants

    Dionaea muscipula (Venus Fly Trap) in 8.5cm Coloured Pot

    6.99 “Price excl. VAT: 6.16 Add to cart
  • Drosera (Sundew) Mix 8.5cm Pot
    Carnivorous Plants

    Drosera (Sundew) Mix 8.5cm Pot

    5.50 “Price excl. VAT: 4.85 Add to cart
  • Nepenthes Mix
    Carnivorous Plants

    Nepenthes (Pitcher Plant / Monkey Cups) Mix in 14cm Hanging Pot

    23.99 “Price excl. VAT: 21.14 Add to cart
  • Pinguicula mix
    Carnivorous Plants

    Pinguicula Mix in 8.5cm Pot

    5.99 “Price excl. VAT: 5.28 Add to cart
  • Sarracenia Mix 12cm Pot
    Carnivorous Plants

    Sarracenia Mix 12cm Pot

    12.99 “Price excl. VAT: 11.44 Add to cart
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