Banana Peels

How to make Fertiliser from Banana Peels

Banana peels are a rich source of nutrients your plants crave: Potassium, phosphorus and calcium, along with a host of other minerals your plants need, So don’t throw those peels away!

Banana peel tea
To make it, fill a mason jar with water and add a banana peel. Let it sit for 48 hours then remove the peel, leaving the water in your mason jar.  Water your plants as usual with the banana tea.

Chop the peels, then add to your garden’s soil directly
If you made the banana peel tea above, you’ll have leftovers to use up.  Chop the banana peels into 1/4 inch pieces by chopping them, you kickstart the composting process and release some of the beneficial vitamins and minerals in the peels.  Bury them anywhere from 4 inches down to just beneath the surface of the soil.

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